My avatar

Hello I’m Molly. I’m a movie acter and movie producer. My favourite food is blueberry’s and salad . My best friend is Rachel and she has long brown hair and brown eyes with glasses. Now lets get on with me. My favourite colours are pink, purple, blue and red. I’m 21 years old and my flexibility is amazing. I […]

When I grow up

When I grow up I want to be a singer or a dancer. Why a dancer? I love dancing and in 2018 I will be doing dancing for a couple years. Before I even knew dancing I could already cartwheel and handstand and do a bridge. My life is so great now that I’m doing […]

My Hero

My hero is my mum. She does everything for me, especially she takes me places like trampoline parks, out for dinner, she buys  me presents and food so we dont die of starvation.Oh who am I kidding, of course she will buy food for me and my 4 brothers and my step sister Willow. There’s also one thing which […]

The amazing disco

Wow the lights were flashing and it was as loud as a thunder storm. Last week on Wednesday the 13th of September we had our disco. The theme was fluoro bright colours. I wore a black skirt a tie dye shirt with pink fluoro shoes. Me and my friends played this game sardens which is basically hide […]

The spooky storm

            Bang the trees started falling down. Rain was pouring down and lightning struck the ground. The thunder was as loud as a roaring lion. Trees were falling down and I was trapped in my house. The house was creaky and noisey. Me and my brother James were upset, there […]

Our amazing school

Our school is amazing because we have incredible classrooms, teachers, our beautiful gardens and a massive handball court that we can play hand ball or netball on. I can never forget our beautiful library and librarian. We also have a wonderful bus stop that has a beautiful big seat that has stones that are shaped […]

My dogs

My dogs are Oscar and Nalha. They are very cute dogs. We got Oscar last year and we got Nalha about five months ago. My family is very glad that we have two beautiful dogs but sometimes they are crazy. Mark was nice and he made a fence to lock the dogs in so we […]